New Year Line

Lightening Smiles












Additional Designs that you are welcome to choose from to add to your rep collection:

  • Fighter Ships (only available in standard size).
  • Cars
  • Round Up Gang (blankets only)
  • Ariel (blankets & lovey set)
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Island Vibes
  • Hercules (blankets & lovey set)
  • Rapunzel (blanket & lovey set)

Requirements for each blanket/design chosen:

  • At least 10 images of each blanket/design.
  • 5-10+ video clips ranging 5-30 seconds in length used to create reels.
  • 4 images within 48hrs of items being delivered.
  • All required footage within 2 weeks of receiving products.
  • One NEW item MUST be purchased for this rep program.