2023 Brand Rep Program


Hey friends! We are so excited to be launching our very first brand rep program of 2023!

Before agreeing to continue, please take a few minutes to review our list of expectations and what is included for our brand reps. We want to make sure everything is clear before you begin.


Here is what will be included for our brand reps:

+ A discount of 50% on our first new line of 2023! PLUS select designs from our Holiday 22 line.
+ You will be the first to see all of our new designs and products.
+ Early access to our New Collections.
+ Features on our Instagram and Facebook pages!


As a brand rep, there will be requirements for the program. Please take some time to thoroughly read through the following requirements. Each will be explained in further detail as the rep program continues. 

  • We will require specific, light & airy, photos from all of our reps. Examples of exact photos and suggestions will be provided along with steps to take to achieve the looks. Constructive remarks can be expected as we work to ensure that there is cohesion between all of our content.
  • 10 photos of each blanket/design selected. For example, if one design is purchased, 10 photos will be required. Two designs, 20 photos and so on.
  • Video clips of your child with each blanket selected. These videos will be used to create reels for social media and will be a crucial part of this rep season.
  • Strict requirements on clothing. Children's clothes will need to be neutral, solid colors such as white, tan, light grey, soft pink, light blue, and denim. Clothing cannot have patterns, prints, wording of any kind, be bright colors, or be costumes. 
  • Backgrounds for photos must be white or light neutral colors. Similar to the children's clothing, backgrounds cannot have patterns, prints, wording, etc. 
  • We will ask that you provide at least 2 images within 2 days of receiving your brand rep items. 


+ Engage on our social media! Like and comment on recent posts. Instagram is constantly changing how they decide to show posts, and we want to make sure our followers always see ours. Liking and commenting ensures this happens.
+ Talk about us! As a brand rep, we're looking to you to represent our brand and help get the word out! We won't ask you to say anything you don't 100% believe, but we also hope you won't apply to be a brand rep if you don't already love SES.

Ready to continue!?

 - Love Breezy & Danielle